Can I Talk 2 U

by Picasso Brown

Released 2005
Ghetto Drum Records
Released 2005
Ghetto Drum Records
hip-hop soul and R&B, acoustic soul, classic R&B, love making music with a street edge, neo soul
Ghetto drum recording artist Picasso Brown holds the key to the future of urban music. This dynamic singer, songwriter and producer has made a dramatic statement on his debut CD "Can I Talk 2 U". The CD is co-produced by Trevor Gale (Vanessa Williams and George Benson), Byron Jones and Picasso Brown. Songs about love and relationships by a true ghetto romantic, that moves your soul and your feet. Don't miss the heat that this Pennsylvania native brings with his passionately soulful voice and sexy groove. Picasso Brown lives up to his masterful name with music that places as much emphasis on art as it does emotion.

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